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Lorawan provides an important advantage for the data connection required by IoT technology to be used in a much wider area. In this way, it becomes possible to establish long-range connections that require very low power consumption. This situation is among the most effective solutions to meet the needs of people.

Rapidly advancing technological developments in today’s world offer many innovations that make human life easier. Devices, which are used by almost all humanity and are indispensable for daily life, can provide data transfer by connecting with each other. The ability of devices to provide this connection is made possible by the internet of Things technology, also known as IoT. This type of connection consists of wide network technology and sensors.

Devices connected to each other with IoT use wireless network technologies such as bluetooth and wi-fi while transferring data. Although wireless networks, which are frequently used in daily life, meet the needs in mobile and web areas, they can be effective in a limited area. Options to increase the area of influence can cause very high costs. Therefore, users prefer to search for different alternatives.

What is Lorawan?

Data transfer has an extremely important place in the developing world technology. For this reason, in order to provide a solution in cases where the wireless network protocol is not sufficient, a technology has been developed that provides the connection of devices on a national or regional scale. This technology, called LoraWan, stands for Long Range Wide Area Network.

LoRa is a technology that is frequently used in various points of daily life and in the industrial sector. With this protocol, data transfer between devices can be provided in a wide area without the need for wifi, ethernet or mobile networks. Lora-Wan is supported by the Lora Alliance, a non-profit and open member association. This is among the most important factors in increasing the frequency of use.

What are the Advantages of Lorawan?

LoraWan has gained a very important place with the benefits it provides in today’s industry 4.0 technologies. The advantages provided by the LoraWan protocol, which offers convenience to users in many ways, can be briefly listed as follows:

  • A wide range of up to 20 kilometres,
  • Providing two-way communication capability,
  • Extremely reduced power consumption with a current requirement of no more than 50 mA for data transfer,
  • Allows up to 10 years of battery life,
  • It can be used even in case of power failure,
  • Delay-free communication between networked devices,
  • Enabling confidential and secure communication,
  • No outage problems due to consistent and secure connection,
  • It has free operating frequencies and low cost base stations.

With LoraWan, the data rate required for range and communication time can be adjusted to suit the conditions. In addition, it is also possible to broadcast multiple broadcasts such as emergency messages between connected devices. With all these advantages, LoRa provides fast and uninterrupted data transfer over a very wide area.

What are the Disadvantages of Lorawan?

LoraWan provides low power consumption data transfer with large capacity especially in industrial areas. Thanks to this feature, it has managed to become a frequently preferred technology in all sectors. In addition to the many benefits it provides, it also has some disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages of LoraWan can be briefly listed as follows:

  • Only medium and small data can be transferred,
  • Telephone calls cannot be made over this network,
  • Video and photo transfers cannot be made,
  • Not suitable for real-time applications that need data,
  • The range width may vary according to the physical conditions in the area of use.

The disadvantages of LoraWan arise depending on the usage area and purposes. However, if it is used in line with the determined capacity and needs, it is possible to significantly reduce the disadvantages.

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What are Lorawan Areas of Use?

The development of technology provides various conveniences to people in all areas of life. LoraWan has a very important place in facilitating data communication between devices and automation systems. Some areas where LoraWan, which can support many applications, is used can be listed as follows:

  • Provision of street lighting,
  • Monitoring water and energy consumption,
  • Control and management of parking spaces,
  • Operation of smart irrigation systems,
  • Monitoring of critical infrastructures,
  • Making efficiency measurements in the industrial field,
  • It is the realisation of applications related to occupational safety and occupational health.

In line with the developing technologies and new usage needs, the usage areas of LoraWan are increasing day by day. With its convenience and low cost feature, LoraWan surpasses many existing technologies and is becoming more preferred.

Lorawan Projects

Lorawan projects cover applications that are encountered unnoticed in many areas of daily life. These projects can be exemplified as follows:

  • Meter reading operations,
  • Intelligent lighting systems,
  • Intelligent parking systems,
  • Smart agriculture applications,
  • Heat and humidity monitoring systems,
  • Waste management systems,
  • Leakage monitoring systems,
  • Herd tracking systems,
  • Environmental monitoring studies,
  • They are smart energy systems.

LoRa significantly increases the battery life of the devices thanks to the energy efficiency it provides. At the same time, it is becoming an increasingly preferred system day by day thanks to its advantages such as being a wireless system and not disturbing the signal data of interference.

Lorawan Turkey

The ISM band at 868 megahertz is compatible with Lorawan, which has attained a level of popularity in Turkey comparable to that seen in the rest of the globe. By doing things in this manner, it is possible to achieve a transmission distance of up to 15 kilometers in open regions and up to 3 kilometers in restricted locations. In spite of the fact that Turkey has a restricted supply of service resources on account of the novelty of the technology, there are significant businesses that are potential candidates to take part in the operational procedures. This is a significant advancement that will allow our nation to use Lorawan technology in the manner that is both the most effective and the most efficient.

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