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As a Cormind Family, We take care of the quality of the workforce at the highest level with the workers’ values. Our team members’ comfort and peace is very important for the increasement of the our provided services’ efficiency and also we care very much of our workers’ rewarded for their efforts.

The Cormind Family’s vision provides the education opportunities to our employees to keep in touch with the globally and currently information flow. We are aiming to use and improve the technology in our country which is developing worldwide.

So, Our Cormind Human Resources Policy is that to ensure to our employees are happy, social, self-confident at the top level and they are working with self-sacrificing and team spirit.

The Cormind family gives importance and value to each members. At the same time, all project responsibilities and work distribution processes are fair. Our employees are expected to see their tasks as a duty, not a job. And also we are expecting to take an initiative to improve themselves.

Our members are leaving their private lives during the working hours to provide the efficiency and maintain their concentration. However, private life is priority when special conditions. Because the happiness of Cormind family members is under the responsibility of our business within our human resources policy. Unhappiness is the biggest enemy of motivation and success and it is not accepted in any of the Cormind processes and all family members work together to avoid from this situation.


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