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The Cormind family of factory operating systems performs to the research and development continuously to support the production process and optimize the most efficiency way.

The Cormind Family’s vision provides the education opportunities to our employees to keep in touch with the globally and currently information flow. We are aiming to use and improve the technology in our country which is developing worldwide.

The Cormind family uses an innovative perspective in each of the steps of R&D study scans, trial tests, determination of the site needs and solution development. Thus, the most practical and effective solution can be determined.

Cormind that offers the services of factory operating systems; helps to finding more competitive, faster and profitable solutions to the operational managements. All customer-oriented services allows to use the businesses’ full potential.

Each businesses plays an important role in society. For this reason, they become a role model by realizing social responsibility projects. The Cormind family determines the social responsability purposes in their all projects.