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Each businesses plays an important role in society. For this reason, they become a role model by realizing social responsibility projects. The Cormind family determines the social responsability purposes in their all projects.

The advantages provided by factories using Cormind factory operating systems are as follows:

Reduce Cost:

All malfunctions during production can be determined immediately. In this way, it becomes possible to intervene without the more wasting time and reduce the cost.

Respect Resources:

Factories use less raw materials which have less wasting rates. The decrease in the amount of wasting raw materials that reduces the demand and especially supports the consumption of natural resources.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Businesses who are using Cormind factory operating systems can benefit from production and distribution reporting options. In this way, carbon footprint can be measured and these measurements are analyzed and reported in detail. The results of carbon footprint ratios are a very important application to notice the damages to the nature and making the necessary changes.

Cormind factory operating systems are coded to include the all social responsibility goals. Because the Cormind family has adopted a vision that is aware of their responsibilities towards the planet and takes an active role for the raising awareness in the society. In this way, it is possible to support social responsibility projects with all the Cormind’s services.


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ISO 10002: 2018
ISO 14001: 2015
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ISO 27001: 2013
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