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Industry 4.0 and Innovation

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An innovative production approach has been adopted with the continuous development of production technology. Innovative, efficient, and error-free products have started to appear, especially with industry 4.0. innovation in production has increased with the smart factories that started with the 4th industrial revolution. An innovative production system has been introduced in all sectors.

The 4th industrial revolution or in other words, industry 4.0 and innovation, which is a combination of concepts that are compatible with each other but express different meanings, refers to developments in the field of production technology. The system, which covers a wide concept from internet services to start-up economy, continues to shape the industrial sector all over the world. Since this technology is used all around the world today, it is called the Industry 4.0 Era.

It can be observed that there is a very fast transition to innovation in factories that adopt Industry 4.0.

high efficiency and quality production, high efficiency, quality production

high efficiency and quality production

High Efficiency & Quality Production

A new era has begun in the industrial sector, i.e., in production environments with industry 4.0, which allows the functionality and seamless collection of data. Industry 4.0 and Innovation, which boost efficiency, also have an important place in developments in the competitive environment. This system consists of 3 basic structures. The infrastructure of this system consists of the devices used in the industry, which interact with each other.

It facilitates the data flow between the Internet of Things and Services and Cyber-physical systems. Communication is ensured between tools and machines thanks to this technology. A quality production process with high efficiency has been achieved thanks to this communication. Industry 4.0 is based on 6 different basic principles so that it can have a strong and autonomous decision system.

industry 4.0 and basic principles, industry 40 principles,

industry 40 principles

Industry 4.0 and Basic Principles

Service definition and communication in real-time are greatly emphasized in the innovation application developed for the systems used in the industrial sector to interact with each other.

This system is not only considered a technological development but also proves that the mentality in this sector is gradually changing. One of the most important advantages that the system offers to the user is production can be tracked instantly. Besides, maximum efficiency is aimed at preparing a setting that adapts to modular change.

Another principles of industry 4.0 and innovation systems, which is the latest industry wave, is a decrease in costs during the production process. Although the costs during the implementation of this system seem high, it pays for itself in a very short time. Many existing problems experienced in production until now will be eliminated with this system. There will be uniform products. Raw material waste will be ended. Digitized factories will also have 24/7 production potential. It allows one to start production by pressing a single button remotely. Without the need for a certain task master or muscle power. In summary, after the system setup, the decrease in implementation costs will be noticeable.

The fact that these systems are improvable and adaptable proves the long-term usable nature of these systems. The 4th Industrial Revolution, which is a sustainable practice, can be revised to adapt to the conditions with this feature.

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