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What is Resource Efficiency

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Resource efficiency in industry is very important in identifying potential. Energy, water, and raw material savings together with the total resource savings potential allow us to use resource efficiency effectively. It is quite difficult to analyze all these items one by one. Therefore, Production Management System applications are used. Thanks to these systems, we can view all data in one analysis screen and also intervene remotely.

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Scarce Resources and Infinite Human Needs

Human needs are the main cause of everything that has developed in the world. The most important factor in the emergence and development of the industry is also human needs. Human needs are continuous and unlimited. However, there are not enough goods and services to meet these needs. As resources are scarce, new resources cannot be created. Well, how will these unlimited human needs be met with these scarce resources? The Science of Economics has developed to achieve this balance. The purpose of the Science of Economics is not just to meet human needs. It is also concerned with the resources (inputs) that create the goods and services that will meet the needs. Goods and services are outputs. Certain sources, which we call inputs, are used to achieve outputs. The industry is the factory community where inputs are converted into outputs.

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Resource Efficiency

Importance of Resource Efficiency

Needs increase rapidly as a result of the rapid increase in the world population, the growth in the economy, and the increase in living standards. However, resources continue to be scarce. Since resources cannot increase, this led to the emergence of resource efficiency. Resource efficiency refers to producing more products by using scarce and exhaustible resources more efficiently. The more efficient use of resources affects the cost and prevents waste. This also means less environmental pollution.

Impact of Resource Efficiency on the Market

Resource efficiency is not only limited to the complete use of inputs. Sometimes, the conversion of heat energy into electrical energy while producing goods and services also means efficient resource usage. The complete use of resources in producing goods and services can also lead to a competitive environment in the market. It is because when the inputs are used completely and not wasted while producing a good, this will reduce the cost of the product and eventually, affect its sales prices. As a result of this, it will lead the factory to supply the goods it produces to the market more affordably and lead the competition.


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